Saturday, December 23, 2006

Music Pics of 2006: SunnO)))/Boris - Altar

This may be my favorite SunnO)))-related album to date. Boris too. It's much more richly textured and dynamic than most of Sunn's other records. There's lots of droning analog synth sound which is a real plus for me, and it's nice to hear the crushing sound of SunnO)) backed by a really kick-ass drummer. I wish they did that more often. Nay, I wish they hired a full-time drummer all together. Track three is of special note. With its haunting melodies sung by femme fatale Jesse Sykes, "The Sinking Belle" has got a catchy pop-hook to it that I would have never guessed would be on this record. Needless to say the album is freaking terrific. Go buy it.


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