Thursday, March 1, 2007

Music Pics of 2006: Enslaved - Ruun

The following is an excerpt from Adrien Begrand's column on

"Fifteen years into its long career, Norway’s Enslaved is only just starting to find its niche in the metal world, and in the wake of the stupendous Below the Lights and last year’s bold Isa, Ruun proves to be even more daring. The band continues to gradually shed its black-metal skin with songs such as “Entroper” and “Api-Vat” more simple and groove-oriented, but the sonic ambience of that darkest of genres is still prevalent, from Grutle Kjelsson’s sinister screech to plenty of tremolo picking. Mood and melody mesh most impressively on “Essence”, which starts as a stately ballad, but explodes into an exhilarating coda near the end."


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