Friday, December 11, 2009

The Anchor #3 layouts

I did most of them on a single, 11" X 17" piece of paper. I have no idea what kind of paper it is, as I bought a huuuuge stack of it at a garage sale of all places (they were selling a crap-load of unused art junk, which I surmised was the bi-product of someone buying a bunch of art crud, being all inspired one moment, then casting it aside the next when said inspiration had dissipated). Anyhoos, I'm a process nerd, so I post this stuff for like-minded doucheryboodles like myself.

Also, I recently sent said sheet of layouts, along with a few other sketches and designs as a bonus to someone who bought an original page. That's right folks, you get extra goodies when you buy original art. You never know what you'll get...

Want some original art? Contact me. EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE. Well, almost everything.


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