Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Mighty Knuckle

Hey there. You might or might not be coming to Emerald City Con. That's fine. No really, it is. That's fine with me. If you ARE going to be there, GREAT! Good for you. I'll be there. BOTH days. I'm doing it for you. I'll be doing con sketches like this one. So swing by the table (L-4) and get one. Or just say "hi". I''ll be selling originals as well. And some out-of-print comics. And human hair. And fingernail clippings. And prosthetic hammer hands. And turkey necks. Fortified vitamin elixirs. Baby parakeets. Balloon hats. Farmer tans. Snake oil. Arrest warrants. Chili. Apple. Gamma ray gun suplex. Turgidity. Ham fists. Broken English. No one reads this blog. Well, a couple people I guess.


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