Monday, December 12, 2011

The Secret History of DB Cooper #1 PREVIEW

It’s our contention that the FBI’s recent announcements regarding the forty-year search for infamous hijacker D.B. Cooper is part of an elaborate ruse being perpetrated on the public. Furthermore, this is likely part of an attempt by the government to discredit the forthcoming Oni Press series, THE SECRET HISTORY OF D.B. COOPER, which finally reveals the truth regarding the case.

In our continuing effort to subvert the government’s unending campaign of misinformation, we have decided to release a preview of the first issue.

From creator Brian Churilla, the book chronicles the life of the mythic folk hero, revealing that “The DB Cooper Incident” was not a hijacking and extortion plot as widely reported. In fact, this cover story is quite pedestrian, as what really happened nearly changed the course of human history.